Educational Adventures that Empower
IsolatedCommunities to Grow in a Sustainable Way

Make a difference, etch some memories, and tell the story of a lifetime.

IOI serves as the link between international expertise and local needs of our host communities. To that end we extend three branches of operation:
1) We run study abroad programs where students can spend up to 3 months studying and interning at our locations
2) We develop and implement outreach projects with local institutions addressing pressing conservation, education, and social development needs
3) We provide volunteer opportunities in our outreach projects. This program provides our participants with a life changing experience and our local partners with funding, expertise, and (wo)man power on site.

Since embarking on our journey in 2006, we’ve transformed and evolved IOI from an academic conservationist dream, to a mature and recognized organization with an innovative design of merging educational travel with conservation and community development.