Accommodation and Fees in Costa Rica


We encourage all volunteers to stay as long as possible to maximize local and personal benefit. Minimum stay is 1 week, maximum is 12 weeks.


You will live with a Costa Rican family near the center of town. They will cook all of your meals for you and can adapt based on your dietary preferences.  Staying with a family is a great way to learn about Costa Rican culture, eat typical food, and practice your Spanish!

Please note that as El Jobo is located in the tropics, there are mosquitoes and bugs all year around and temperature can reach at least 90°F with no air conditioning.  

Participation Fee             

Costa Rica: $700 first week, $500 every week thereafter.
The program fee is necessary to cover your cost of living and logistics. Discounts are available for partners and families.

Our overhead is covered by other means, and thus, 100% of any funds that exceed your direct cost will go towards the project you participated in.

What’s Included

Cost includes food, full room and board, permits, visas, local coordination and training at respective facility, local transport, full access to our facilities, etc.—everything minus personal expenses, your airfare to Costa Rica, and transportation to El Jobo

To book you need to pay a refundable Reservation Deposit. Read our refund policy.
The deposit is deducted from your total program fee.

The Town of El Jobo


El Jobo is a small community of 700 people that runs on the activities of the local fisheries. The town is located on the Punta Descartes Peninsula, in the North Pacific corner of Costa Rica, close to the Nicaraguan border. 

The emerging local tourism sector in El Jobo is still very young, with one large resort on the outskirts of town. A main street lined with small, single-family homes runs through the center of town, and there are three small supermarkets (“pulperías”), that sell essential items. The closest city—where you’ll find banks, large supermarkets, shops, and clinics—is La Cruz, about a 40-minute bus ride from El Jobo.

As an IOI Costa Rica volunteer, you will spend most of your time on the stunning beaches near El Jobo, as well as in the town itself. Please keep in mind that El Jobo is a rural developing community so do not expect to find amenities (like air conditioning!) as you might in your hometown.

Your Homestay

During your time in El Jobo, you will have homestay accommodations near the center of town. You will have your own room (or, you will share with your partner/friend) in the home of a Costa Rican family. 


The houses have electricity, running water, and WiFi, and the bathroom is shared. Sheets and towels are provided for you at the house, and your family can do laundry for you when necessary. There is no air-conditioning, but every room has a fan. Your homestay family will cook all of your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The food is typical Costa Rican cuisine, and can be adapted to your dietary restrictions. 

Homestay families are actively involved with IOI, and often collaborate on projects, so they are familiar with your volunteer activities. 

This a unique opportunity that facilitates the interchange of culture, language, and tradition with the goal of providing a memorable experience for you, and your homestay family!

Download our Volunteer Brochure for more information.