Astrid Krause

Director of Communications and Marketing

Why IOI:

Since a non-profit organization has to reinvest all the money they make, IOI doesn’t have to make things sound bigger or better than they are. They tell the truth and they want to help – and so do I.

My IOI role:

Communication, marketing, video editing, photography, social media, website maintenance, everything multimedia plus fixing computers and the IOI network when it breaks. You learn a lot if there is no Apple store around the corner.

Life prior to IOI:

I did my senior year of high school in the States, I worked for Big Brother and other TV shows in Germany, I worked for Nike in Shanghai, I worked for Coca Cola during the soccer world cup, I worked in Bangkok, Cape Town, Brisbane, Auckland and now Puerto Villamil.

Just me:

I don’t like traveling. I like to go to places and work and live there, this is the only way you get to know the local people; live their lifestyle, try and learn their language. Only then will one understand why they are the way they are.