IOI is now operational in Cuba

Hemmingway, Che, Salsa, Mojitos - yes, that Cuba.

But there is a lot more to Cuba than the aforementioned. Socialism, stunning and untouched nature, revolution and cold war history, free education and health care, a US embargo – an endless and intriguing list. IOI is uniquely qualified to manage the still complicated and unique ways that Cuba demands, through its experience in Galapagos. Similar to the Galapagos 10 years ago, Cuba is facing a sudden modernization process in communication, tourism, and real estate could all have significant impacts on the local community and culture. The island’s fragile environment could quickly face pressures of pollution and other infrastructure challenges to accommodate the influx of people and ideologies.

Starting in August 2016 we are offering an educational travel program, serving a broad American audience by introducing them to Cuba in an educational and sustainable way. Additionally, we have established a cooperation with FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) to offer Study Abroad and research opportunities in Cuba, starting Christmas Intersession of the same year.

IOI’s expertise and experience make it uniquely suited to be a cultural mediator in science and education between Cuba and US communities during the upcoming process of socio-economic and cultural adjustment. We strive to support Cuba through educational exchanges and knowledge transfers. Furthermore, we have partnered with CubaMar to utilize and leverage their unique experience in Cuba. CubaMar, a program of The Ocean Foundation, has collaborated with key Cuban institutions such as the Center for Marine Research of the University of Havana and the Cuban Ministry of Science Technology and Environment for over 15 years - the longest of any U.S. based organization! CubaMar and their deep roots into Cuba will support us in our mission to provide educational adventures that empower isolated communities to grow in a sustainable way.

The CubaMar people to people travel license allows us to interact with Cuban scientists, policymakers, and residents to legally experience Cuba's cultural and natural riches above and below the water. Accordingly, we have developed two lines of pilot programs that provide a unique platform to explore environmental, social, and economic issues. 

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