Give Back in Cuba.

Thirty air-minutes from Cuba’s mainland lies an island with an amorphous historical identity and a vast array of endemic species. From treasure seeking pirates to a booming lumber and marble industry to our coral gardens - the island hides intriguing political, cultural, and ecological secrets. Today, it is known as the Isla de la Juventud, the island of youth, and its beaches and protected waters are home to some of the most vibrant ecosystems in the Caribbean. 

This is where you come in

Cuba is modernizing quickly. With this comes an influx of new perceptions and ideologies that greatly impact the local landscape and communities. As an organization focused on the human-environmental intersection, IOI is uniquely poised to support Cocodrilo, a small community on the Southern coast of the Isle of Youth, to grow and thrive in sustainable ways.

Top Three Reasons to Become an IOI Volunteer in Cuba

1)    The time to hesitate is through! Cuba’s changing quickly. If ever there was a moment to dig your heels in, and directly affect positive change, it’s this one. Right. Now.

2)    Built-in, profoundly rooted community. Cocodrilo has a population of 320 and is cut off from the world by a National Park. As a visitor committed to supporting its biodiversity, you will become part of a tightly-knit group of people bonded around protecting the life in, and around, their incredibly secluded village.

3)    A brilliant, turquoise sea so breathtaking you’ll never look at the ocean the same way again.