Dawn Shirreffs

Chair of the board

Why IOI:

On my first visit to Isabela it became clear that IOI is about empowering local families to build safe and sustainable future for themselves and their environment.  

My IOI role:

As a member of the Board of Directors I am part of the team that helps support staff and provide leadership on how to achieve our goals and advance our mission

Life prior to IOI:

I have spent over 10 years restoring the Everglades ecosystem working with nonprofit organizations, federal and state agencies on a range of issues from land use to endangered species.  My work has ranged from training large exotic animals to educating members of congress – actually those two tasks are not so different.

Just me:

I am a New York transplant to Miami’s paradise.  I hold a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Growth Management and a Masters in Public Administration.  More importantly I am an aspiring world traveler, photo enthusiast, a foodie, and a pragmatic idealist.