Jamie Preira

International Programs Manager

Why IOI: 


I participated in a study abroad program in Ecuador and the Galapagos while I was in college and I met Johann, the director of IOI, while I was in Isabela. After learning about IOI, I knew I would eventually end up participating in the program, but little did I know I would be working for the program. I felt a connection to IOI's mission but never had flexible vacation time or enough of my life together to make a trip work. So, after many years, I reached out to Johann and with help from Katie planned my volunteer trip to Cuba for the month of January in 2018. I absolutely fell in love with Cuba and specifically the IOI program in Cocodrilo. I had such an incredible, life changing experience on my trip, I knew I wanted to help others have a similar experience. I am so excited to be working for IOI as the International Volunteer Coordinator. 

My IOI role: 

I am the International Programs Manager which means I handle all aspects of volunteers' trips to our project sites as well as the project sites themselves. From the advertising listings to making sure dietary needs are accommodated - I work with every part of a volunteer's experience with IOI's projects. I help make sure volunteers are well prepared and excited for their trips. I am happy to answer any questions about traveling and planning your trip! 

Life prior to IOI:

I grew up in South Florida and moved to St. Petersburg where I graduated from Eckerd College with my BA in Environmental Studies in 2011. After college, I felt a drive to move west and found a great opportunity to move to Colorado with an outdoor education job that provided housing. Since moving to Colorado I have worked at an outdoor environmental education facility in a small mountain town west of Boulder. I have completely fallen in love with the state of Colorado and more specifically the very small mountain town of Jamestown. In 2017 I graduated from Prescott College with my Master's degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Environmental Education. 

Just me: 

I live west of Boulder in Jamestown, Colorado in a house in the woods that is surrounded by national forest. We have lots of fun and exciting animal encounters here! Colorado is full of skiers, climbers, hikers, and bikers but my favorite past time isn't any of these in particular. I absolutely love hanging out with my dogs! I do love hiking, adventuring, rivering (I promise it's a verb in Colorado) and generally exploring but I like doing it most with them. I have 2 adorable dogs, Elvis and Winnie. I like to live my life simply and happily. My favorite hobbies are scuba diving and photography and I absolutely love traveling - especially if it includes visiting the ocean! I cherish the mountains and the experiences Colorado has given me, but I am looking forward to one day living back near the ocean where I can get back into scuba diving and exploring the ocean more regularly. I love and live by the quote, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea" (Isak Dinesen).