Volunteer Galapagos Medical

Professional Intern – Medical Student


Role Overview

We always welcome pre medical/medical students to share their services with our community.As a medical intern you would work in our local hospital and be a responsible assistant, consultant and substitute to our local doctors in charge.


Our schedules are based on a minimum of 20 hrs/week and can voluntarily be extended to aregular 40hr work week. The base schedule is Monday-Friday 7.30 – 11.30AM which may be subject to change depending on the tasks at hand.


  • Intermediate to advanced level of Spanish in order to communicate with fellow workers and patients
  • Medical background in pre-med, med-school, nursing, public health, human biology, pharmaceutical studies, emergency services, or related field at professional or university level
  • Patient contact and the ability to communicate with care and patience
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • Ability to make recommendations based on knowledge and experience in order to provide greater care to the community

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