Sarah Heidke

English Teacher

Why IOI:

I started teaching ESL as a volunteer to the immigrant and refugee community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania back in 2010. I did not realize then how much I would love it. In pursuit of my passions for teaching and traveling, I discovered a program that would allow me to teach at a university in Loja, Ecuador. When my program was coming to an end in Loja, I was looking for another teaching opportunity when I discovered IOI. I am looking forward to contributing to the work that IOI is doing through education on the island of Isabela. I had visited the Galapagos on a break from teaching in Loja and found it to be an amazing place. Having grown up by the ocean, the beach has always been one of my favorite places so I am excited about this opportunity to live in the islands.

My IOI role:

I will be starting my work at IOI in August 2013 as an English teacher for a class of high school students as well as community classes for adults. I’m looking forward to getting to know the community of Puerto Villamil better.

Life prior to IOI:

Being drawn to the helping profession, I worked for several years as a foster care social worker. I transitioned into the legal field and spent a few years working as a paralegal. However, I missed the non-profit world and soon found my way back. I have been volunteering as an English teacher for about three years now.

Just me:

I like learning about different cultures and places and am enjoying the challenge of learning Spanish. Since being in Ecuador, I have discovered how much I enjoy hiking. There are so many beautiful places to explore in Ecuador. I also like reading and spending time with friends. I am ready to live by the ocean and enjoy all the activities in the Galapagos!