The participants of our academic programs are integrated into the community not only by our immersive home stay concept, they also directly support the community of Isabela by participating in our Service Learning projects. Semester long students intern in local institutions providing their expertise and free labor in   return for a rewarding insight into exciting areas of working abroad.UM awards their students   with 2 civic engagement credits for their work. Service learning projects include:

Social media and communication • Mural painting • English TA • Botany and Urban endemic gardening • Tortoise center • Graphic design for Environmental Education • Visitor site monitoring

Short term and intersession groups have the opportunity for civic engagement projects. These   are non-credit project designed for high impact during a short time-frame and are executed with   visiting groups in their areas of expertise. They range from invasive species eradication projects   to coastal clean-ups, from ophthalmology clinics to dental assessments. Civic engagement   projects are designed on a case by case basis in cooperation with local authorities and   according to local needs.


At Jacinto Gordillo Elementary School, students did not have where to play during their lunch break. Instead they would all play in the trees, often ending up getting hurt. IOI organized a group of University of Miami students and professors to create a safe and fun “tire worm” for the playground. The “worm” is made from brightly painted, recycled tires set into the ground, creating a safe structure to climb around on. The students love their new playground.