A crucial way in which we assist our host communities is by supporting social development and public  health. A remote tropical place might seem like paradise, but as it develops, the need for support in this  area is significant. We address a range of under-represented areas from medical and personal well- being, as well as lack of exposure to arts and cultural events. We strongly believe that this provides the  essential basis for environmental stewardship. 

Concretely, we work with individuals, families, and schools system to seek solutions to problems such as  classroom behavior or volatile home environments. We reinforce non-violence and foster constructive  home support via workshops, one-on-one counseling, and facilitation of workshops for teachers and  parents. Topics range from sex education to drugs and from female empowerment to student  engagement. 

Additionally, IOI works to bring international medical teams to provide free services in specialty areas  otherwise not covered by the public system. We enlist experts in the field to help run field clinics and  workshops on topics ranging from nutrition to dentistry, from pediatrics to ophthalmology.  Last and certainly not least –what is a society without art? To round out our efforts in social  development, we also strive to support arts, culture and sports to provide creative, educational, and  stimulating workshops and programs to our host communities.