Volunteer Galapagos Summer Camp

Summer Camp - Environmental Education (2-3 months, JAN-MAR)


Role Overview

Design and deliver a school-vacation environmental program in the Galapagos. During their school vacation, about 50 children ages 8-12 of Isla Isabela participate in a day camp sponsored by the National Park. Volunteers are needed to design and plan the program during January, then carry out the program as teachers and counselors during February and early March. Support and guidance will be provided by Park staff and a certified U.S. teacher.


Semi-flexible camp schedule. Approx 6 hrs per day


  • Bachelor's degree in Environmental or Outdoor Education.
  • Advanced or Native Speaker Spanish skills.
  • Experience working with pre-teen or middle school children.
  • In consultation with staff, be able to write programming for 5 weeks of 6 hour days.
  • Ability to execute active outdoor programming

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