Duration, Accommodation, Testimonials & Application Procedures


We encourage all volunteers to stay as long as possible to maximize local and personal benefit, and we encourage longer commitments by heavily discounting each additional week stayed. 
Minimum stay is 2 weeks; maximum stay is 3 months.

What’s Included
Cost includes food, full room and board, permits, visas, local coordination and training at respective facility, local transport, full access to our facilities, etc.—everything minus personal expenses and your airfare to Galápagos.

Accommodation is provided by one of our carefully selected host families or in our volunteer housing. Our host families have experience with outside culture and international living through cultural exchange with our students and volunteers. Additionally to providing extra income for housing our students and volunteers, we train these families to be ambassadors in the community through a continuing education program. You will have breakfast and dinner with your family. Lunch is provided at your choice of various restaurants in town. You simply sign for your meal and we’ll pick up the bill at the end of the month.  In our volunteer housing, breakfast is not included, but you have access to our fully equipped kitchen facilities to cover your needs. 

Experience and Feedback
We're a very small and personal program but have had some 20 long term volunteers (one year plus) and over 200 short term and students volunteers. Our satisfaction rate is 99%. However we respect your privacy and don’t give out direct contacts. Our International Coordinator can send you some feedback and comments from former participants upon request.

After being accepted into our volunteer program you will receive a log-in for our website. Please download the pre-departure package from the respective section of our website for detailed preparation info. If you have any questions or doubts about the program at all, please contact Amanda@ioi.ec After reviewing all details, please click on the link below to pay your deposit, safely through PayPal or via Credit Card. Alternatively, you can send us a check to our Florida office @ 24 Mangrove Lane, Key Largo, FL 33037; made out to Intercultural Outreach Initiative and with your name in the purpose line.