Victoriano Benigno Suárez Álvarez


Why IOI:

When I started to study my Master in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, I already knew that my destiny was the NGOs dedicated to community development. I have been working in NGOs that have social development programs all my life. A year ago, I started an adventure in my life coming to live in Ecuador. After working one year in university, I realized that this job was not the job I liked to do. My job is in the communities, helping their development and learning from it. At that time, I contacted with IOI and they gave me the opportunity to come to work with them and I could not miss the opportunity to work in an NGO in Galapagos.

My IOI role:

I am Conservation Technician in the Social Development- Public Health Department with my partner Nuria. My job is educating families on everything related to the environment. I also collaborate with the Galapagos National Park in different projects. On the other hand, I manage the volunteers of the Coastal Cleaning Project and the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre” Project

Life prior to IOI:

Since I started to study my bachelor's degree in psychology I started working for 6 years in an NGO that worked with people with alcohol problems. In addition, during my internship project I worked with the NGO Psychologists Without Borders in the indigenous communities of northern Cambodia for 3 months. Later I began several projects in the educational field until I came to live in Ecuador to work at the Private Technical University of Loja.

Just me:

I consider myself a person with a lot of curiosity about many things. People who know me say that I am calm and inspire confidence. My way of facing life can be very serious or too relaxed so I try to maintain a balance between both. My life has been dedicated mainly to travel and to know different parts of the world and different cultures from which to learn. I like football, but especially cycling, whenever I can I'm going to walk and enjoy nature. On the other hand, I always like to be informed of what is happening in the world so I always read the newspapers of several countries around the world. At the end I have to say that I am always in "war" against all those who try to destroy our beautiful planet.