Give Back in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small, stunningly beautiful country that contains approximately five percent of the world’s biodiversity. It is a land of native, free roaming monkeys, hundreds of species of colorful birds, and a series of diverse microclimates. El Jobo, located on the North Pacific coast, is on a small peninsula and was once a remote fishing town. Today, with the addition of a large resort and a general influx of tourism to the country, things are beginning to change

Enter, you, the marine conservation volunteer.

To ensure that the Green, Olive Ridley, and Hawksbill sea turtles remain protected from poachers, critical information regarding their behaviors and precise locations are much needed. Information is key to long term sustainability, and with IOI, volunteers play a pivotal role when it comes to spreading the word.


Role Overview

  • As a marine conservation volunteer, you will assist in ongoing sea turtle and ray monitoring projects. This will include:
  • Working side-by-side with local community members to conduct night patrols of the beach.
  • Looking for nesting sea turtles.
  • Collecting data and tagging the turtles.
  • Monitoring the local ray populations by snorkeling and collecting data on the species, and occasionally tagging them to better understand their migratory patterns.
  • Possibly sea grass and coral reef monitoring.


Your time will be divided among the activities and each day will vary. For example, ray, sea grass, and reef monitoring take place in the morning from approximately 8:00AM-12:00PM. Sea turtle monitoring will take place at night, from about 9:30PM-1:00AM. Your exact schedule will depend on the weather conditions, and the specific needs of the day.


  • Basic level of Spanish.
  • A genuine passion for animal conservation.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Flexible schedule that accounts for the day to day needs of working with a local institution.
  • Physical ability to work outdoors with potentially high sun, element, and temperature exposure.
  • Ability to independently collect and register data

Accommodation Terms, Durations & Fees

For more information you can email


Top Three Reasons to Become an IOI Volunteer in Costa Rica

1)  In addition to working with the local community (and the local turtles), you will also have the option to assist at the local elementary school in their marine education program as well as in English classes.

2)  Rolling hills covered with deciduous forests that stretch as far as the eye can see. El Jobo’s stunning coastline is only rivaled by its lush, verdant woods.

3)  Gallo Pinto, a popular Costa Rican dish that involves fresh, local vegetables, sun-dried black beans, and sometimes a fried egg or two — it’s perfect after a long, action-packed day of snorkeling.