Accommodation and Fees


We encourage all volunteers to stay as long as possible to maximize local and personal benefit. Minimum stay is 1 week. We encourage longer commitments by discounting each additional week stayed. Maximum stay is 1 month. 
We ask our volunteers to arrive and leave Nueva Gerona on a Sunday


Accommodation is provided at Villa Arrecife, our volunteer house and dive center. The house has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and back patio and is located only a short walk away from the ocean and town center. You will share the house only with other volunteers. A private chef comes daily to the house to cook all meals—for many volunteers this is the best food in all of Cuba! There is no internet in Cocodrilo, which will allow you to completely disconnect and truly immerse yourself in the Cuban culture.

Participation Fee

Cuba: 850$ first week, 450$ every week thereafter
The program fee is necessary to cover your cost of living and logistics. Discounts are available for partners and families.

Our overhead is covered by other means, and thus, 100% of any funds that exceed your direct cost will go towards the project you participated in.

To book you need to pay a Reservation Deposit.
The deposit is deducted from your program fee.

What’s Included          

The program fee covers all your costs once on the Isle of Youth, including room and board, local coordination, transportation from Nueva Gerona to Cocodrilo (and all transportation once in Cocodrilo), full access to facilities, volunteering activities (including snorkeling and scuba diving), and 24-hour support on site. You are responsible for your international airfare to Cuba, airfare from Havana to Nueva Gerona, visa, and any personal expenses.