Study abroad

Study abroad is a key and central part of what we do at IOI. Our faculty-led programs are custom designed to fit every university’s needs while also emphasizing cultural exchange, service learning, and language immersion. 

Study abroad services are offered in the Galapagos & Cuba

While studying abroad with IOI, students will gain experience that stretches the normal educational scope past academia and past the breadth of volunteer work, into the realm of life-long learning. While studying abroad at one of our sites, students will live with local host families, or in locally run B&Bs. Local host families also benefit from this cultural and linguistic exchange through the shared experiences as well as by receiving a full additional household income for hosting our participants.

The full service study abroad and volunteer experiences we provide are built around this cultural immersion. Depending on the location, students have the opportunity to intern in local institutions such as schools or National Parks.

Past study abroad topics have ranged from environmental journalism to environmental or marine science and from geology to sound engineering.  Service learning activities are customized to the curriculum and can include: invasive species eradication, turtle and ray monitoring, coastal clean-ups, watershed and waste management analysis, trail maintenance, and environmental restoration. All service learning projects are designed to generate lasting, high impact in a short period of time.

So, adventure awaits. Are you ready to go?

If you are a student interested in studying with us, please contact us here.

If you are a university administrator or faculty member, and are interested in setting up a study abroad trip or conducting research in the Galapagos or Cuba please send us an e-mail at  

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