As part of our commitment to conservation and social development, we are dedicated to the ongoing cultivation and dissemination of the most up to date environmental research. We collaborate directly with graduate and post graduate level researchers, as well as undergraduate student groups, to further our conservation mission through science. As part of these collaborations, educational research can either be conducted as part of a class, a specific research project, an ongoing study, or any combination of the three. We use our local expertise to manage the planning and permitting processes necessary for international research.

In each of our locations, the foci are different due to the varying ecosystems. In Cuba for example, we partner with CubaMar and the University of Havana to establish locally-supported marine research and conservation programs and empower the next generation of Cuban marine scientists. In the Galapagos, we partner with the National Park, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Biodiversity Protection Agency to advance local and international research agendas.

If you are interested in doing research at our locations, please send us an e-mail at, or check out our volunteer pages for more information on how to participate in ongoing research.


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