What is IOI?

IOI is a transnational nonprofit that empowers isolated communities to grow sustainably through financial and technical assistance funded by educational travel adventures.

Our Mission
To provide international education programs that support the education, conservation, and social development of isolated communities by assisting local institutions in sustainably handling the human-environmental intersection.

What We Do
We strive to help establish ecological sustainability and social stability in our host communities by applying thoughtful assistance and expertise to local needs – financed by educational travel adventures.

How We Do It
1.  We offer volunteer opportunities in conservation, education, and social development, that provide our participants with life changing experiences, and our local partners with funding, expertise, and human power on site.

2.  We offer study abroad programs in which students spend up to three months studying the local environment and learning the local culture.

3.  We develop and implement outreach projects with local institutions that address pressing conservation, education, and social development needs via fundraising and grants.

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Where We Do It
Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador
Community of Cocodrilo on the southern coast of Isle of Youth in Cuba.

Our Roots
IOI was launched in 2006 by founder and executive director Johann Besserer. What began as an idea in his Master’s thesis, has evolved into a mature and recognized organization with an innovative design that merges educational travel with conservation and community development.

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The curious and passionate approach that launched IOI is the same one that pervades the organization’s culture today. The work began in Galapagos and, after a decade of experience, has recently expanded into Cuba. We’re always on the lookout for the best way to support under-resourced communities and protect their environments.

With the support of our volunteers, local partners, and dedicated staff, we know this is just the beginning. IOI is poised to provide life changing experiences for international students and volunteers while supporting and advancing conservation and social development projects around the world.

GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency Recipient