Accommodation and Fees in the Galapagos


We encourage all volunteers to stay as long as possible to maximize local and personal benefit. We encourage longer commitments by heavily discounting each additional week stayed. Minimum stay is 2 to 4 weeks depending on position; maximum stay is 3 months.


Accommodation is provided by one of our carefully selected host families or in our volunteer housing. In our volunteer housing, breakfast is not included, but you have access to our fully equipped kitchen facilities to cover your needs. Lunch and dinner is provided at your choice of various restaurants in town. You simply sign for your meal and we’ll pick up the bill at the end of the month. 

Our host families have experience with outside culture and international living and provide an amazing immersion experience. You will have breakfast and dinner with your family. Lunch is at the above mentioned restaurants.

Participation Fee

Galapagos: $1500 for first 2 weeks, $400 every week in Volunteer Housing OR with a Host Family.
The program fee is necessary to cover your cost of living and logistics. Our overhead is covered by other means, and thus, 100% of any funds that exceed your direct cost will go towards the project in which you participate.

Discounts are available for partners and families.

To book you need to pay a Reservation Deposit.
The deposit is deducted from your total program fee. Read our refund policy.

What’s Included          

Cost includes food, full room and board, permits, visas, local coordination and training at respective facility, local transport, full access to our facilities, etc.—everything minus personal expenses and your airfare to Galapagos.

Puerto Villamil, Galapagos


Puerto Villamil is unique community on the south coast of Isabela Island in the Galapagos - located seven hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. Isabela is the largest island in the archipelago and is home to only ~4000 people. The majority of its residents live in the port town, and a small minority live permanently in the highlands on Sierra Negra Volcano as full-time farmers. 

Aesthetically, Isabela is a sight to behold. The island boasts beaches that stretch miles along rocky, rugged coastlines, and teem with exotic wildlife. 

In the last fifteen years, Isabela’s economy has converted from one driven exclusively by its fisheries, to one that is sustained mostly completely by a nascent eco-tourism. IOI’s volunteer opportunities center around conservation and education efforts designed to protect Isabela’s still thriving but threatened natural habitats. 

Volunteer Housing


As a volunteer you will have the option to stay at our volunteer house, or with a host family.  In both cases you will have a private bedroom and bathroom with a fan or air conditioning, hot water, dresser, desk and chair, and potable water. In our volunteer house you will share apartment-style living spaces including a kitchen for breakfast, living room, and porch, hot water and AC. In our 3/2 and 2/2 apartments you will have a private bathroom in most cases, or share the bath with max one other person. As part of our meal plan you will have your daily choice between 12 restaurants with which we partner for lunches and dinners.  

If you choose to stay with a host family, you will eat breakfast and dinner with the family and have lunch out at one of our aforementioned partner restaurants. Staying in a host family, you will have the chance to learn how local people live, try local dishes, and practice or learn some Spanish. This unique opportunity facilitates the interchange of culture, language and tradition with the aim to provide a memorable experience and deepened understanding for both parties. Often deep and long-lasting relationships evolve. 

Download our Volunteer Brochure for more information.