Who we are

IOI (Intercultural Outreach Initiative) is a non-profit organization operating in Cuba and the Galapagos Islands.

Our core mission is to support local communities and organizations in their efforts to protect their environments. We focus on areas of exceptional beauty and ecological significance.


What we do

We run international volunteer and study-abroad programs to support local conservation projects. We design these programs in collaboration with local communities and their institutions, creating or supporting conservation, education and social development projects.

Not only do these programs directly contribute to the conservation of the local environment, they also raise the quality of life of the communities, which is the underlying requirement to make any conservation work sustainable.


What you can do

Join us on a life-changing adventure! This is your chance to have a real impact on the environment alongside local communities. We offer study abroad, researchcorporate retreat and volunteering experiences in the Galapagos Islands and Cuba.