We are proud of what we’ve been accomplishing in Galapagos and excited about what we aim to accomplish in our new sites —and we couldn’t do any of it alone! That’s why we are grateful to have an array of excellent partners and friends supporting us in various avenues along our journey of sustainable development and conservation at our locations. From local institutions, university partners to fellow NGO’s, to the local residents on site, we are proud to introduce our partners and friends!

Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos
(Galápagos National Park)
The Galápagos National Park is an integral IOI partner, as 97% of the islands are National Park grounds, and largely inaccessible without a guide or special permission. The GNP is important to the community of Isabela as a knowledgeable resource, and IOI partners with the Park to run workshops and summer camps, working to increase awareness and stewardship among the local community on the island. This partnership also enables us to act as scientific advisors doing independent research according to the needs identified by the National Park.


Gobierno Autonomo Desentralizado Municipal de Isabela
(Isabela Municipality)
The Municipality is the executive branch of the national government, and via our partnership with them we are able fulfill our mission of technical assistance to the Ecuadorian government by supporting their efforts both financially as well as in a consulting function. Furthermore the partnership enables us to acquire permissions and coordinate local efforts otherwise inaccessible to outside organizations. The City is also responsible for coordinating various community events throughout the year that IOI supports and participates in through this partnership.

The Cuba Marine Research and Conservation Program’s mission is to: build sound scientific collaboration between Cuba, the United States and neighboring countries that share marine resources; establish locally-supported marine research and conservation programs; contribute to the scientific understanding of the region's natural resources; conserve Cuba’s marine ecosystems; andempower the next generation of Cuban marine scientists.

Ministerio de Salud publica
(Ministry of public health)
The philosophy of the Ministry of Public Health is to give social support and services to the most vulnerable populations and its main plan of action lies around communitarian health and preventive medicine. The Ecuadorian public health care system permits patients to be attended daily in public general hospitals for general care, with no previous appointment. Smaller communities have community health care centers (Centros de Salud), or day hospitals. These day hospitals give care to patients whose hospitalization is less than 24 hours. Specialties are treated by consulta externa – outsourced treatment – which is where IOI comes in, working with the ministerio or organize field clinics in various fields of medicine.

(Animal and pest control Galapagos)
ABG controls the invasive species on the Galapagos islands. IOI partners with ABG to control cats and dogs on Isabela island through managing and maintaining a dog shelter and sterilizing animals.

(Educational Art Program based in Quito, Ecuador)
A non-profit organization based in Quito, Ecuador, ArtEducarte is an educational art program that serves children and teachers in Ecuador. IOI brings ArtEducarte to Isabela to offer their art education program to the kids and teachers of the community and creating stimulating creativity and expression wrapped in a fun conservation message.