Corporate Retreats

Organize Your Corporate Retreat with IOI! 

You and your key staff are so busy putting one foot in front of the other that important organizational development needs fall by the wayside… Ring a bell?  

Retreats provide an opportunity to plan, step back, and enhance communication and teamwork. 

A well-led retreat includes ample time for in-depth, guided discussion and consideration that can result in: 

  • Meaningful, useful reflection on recent accomplishments and challenges

  • Planning and strategic development

  • Team building and improved communication.

Why spend it with IOI? 

We provide the setting, the socio-cultural expertise, and a variety of team building eco-adventures to enrich and complement your work. Instead of spending afternoon after afternoon in a stuffy conference room, a corporate retreat with IOI allows you to choose between three stunning, year-round destinations. 

Download some sample itineraries below (.doc)

Cuba   Galapagos 

IOI supports conservation, education, and social development needs in our host communities, and by having your corporate retreat in one of our communities you’ll be supporting these efforts too. 
Partnering with IOI allows your employees to have an eco-educative experience that functions to enhance the experience of your team retreat while supporting a local, under-resourced community. 
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