We have built our organizational model around the belief that in order to meaningfully sustain and support the environment, we must understand it. As economies all around the world transition from subsistence into more tourism based services, this connection becomes even more critical.

Our commitment to education plays out on two levels - local and international education.

“One of the things
I never would have thought is that I would learn English. But IOI has given us an opportunity to learn —I thought I wouldn’t be able to, but now to me it seems like, yes, I can. These things are very important for me, my family, and also for the next students that I will host in my home.“
Lorena Rezabala Flor - Adult English 101

We are committed to providing rich and educative study abroad opportunities to international students. This is one of the fundamental pillars of the IOI model. International students are given the opportunity to learn about, and participate meaningfully in our communities. The study abroad program supports our local education program, allowing us the flexibility to invest in complex projects that have a direct, positive education impact in the communities we serve. 
(Check out our study abroad page to learn more!)

With the help of our volunteers, we invest in year round education programs in our host communities in a number of ways:

  • We work in the local formal education sector where education professionals and volunteers contribute their expertise to students, parents, and teachers;

  • We collaborate with local leaders to run non-formal education programs such as clinics and workshops; and

  • We partner with and assist other local institutions with their educational projects, providing technical assistance via our staff.

These investments have significant impact that begins with learning, develop into individual stewardship, and ultimately, ripple out into the local communities in direct and sustainable ways.