“One of the things
I never would have thought is that I would learn English. But IOI has given us an opportunity to learn —I thought I wouldn’t be able to, but now to me it seems like, yes, I can. These things are very important for me, my family, and also for the next students that I will host in my home.“
Lorena Rezabala Flor - Adult English 101 (Translated from original Spanish)

Our Support of Education Spans a Full Spectrum: 

Education enhances understanding and understanding fosters stewardship. In order to sustain a given environment ecologically, the human population must be invested and demonstrate stewardship. As  economies transition from subsistence into more tourism based services, this demand increases. We  strive to foster stewardship in a number of ways, and education is the keystone.

We have staff in the local formal education sector, we run our own, non-formal education programs, and we assist other local institutions with their educational projects.

In the formal sector, our education professionals and volunteers contribute their expertise in local  schools. Non-formally, in an effort to create stewardship and achieve a multiplier effect via community  leaders, IOI runs workshops for our focus groups (familias de buen vivir) educating them about the  environment, personal well-being, languages, and other skills. Technical support in education for our  local partners is provided through our staff, volunteers, and University partners.