Beatriz Tigse Vega


Why IOI:

There are few prestigious organizations on the Galapagos that offer ‘real’ community support and IOI does that and so much more here on Isabela. I have always wanted to work for an organization that I was proud to be a part of and that had ‘human needs’ at the core of its existence. IOI has only been running for a few years but the community has benefited hugely in that time. IOI keeps growing and giving – I’m so glad to be a part of it all.

My IOI role:

I look after all of IOI’s accounting and legal needs. Numbers aren’t everyone’s preference but I actually enjoy working with spreadsheets! I ensure that all invoices are paid and visa’s and residency permits are applied for and obtained in a proper and timely manner. I only work part-time so I have a lot to do in the mornings but I enjoy being busy so the job is perfect for me!

Life prior to IOI:

Life prior to IOI was largely taken up by looking after my two beautiful children, which were (and still are) a handful! Alongside being a house wife I also owned and ran a small business with my husband.

Just me:

I am an honest and responsible person in and out of work. My family are my number one priority and will always be. I enjoy cooking, playing with my children. I love the sun and sea and being outdoors. Isabela is so beautiful – it never stops impressing my wanting to explore it further with my loved ones.