Intercultural Outreach Initiative:

Leading conservation efforts through education and social development.


IOI affects change in three intertwining areas of outreach here on Isabela:

Conservation, education, and social development.

  One of our aims is to support the ever evolving local community in whatever ways that come up—these islands didn’t stop evolving when Darwin left! To that end we extend three branches of operation. We implement outreach projects, enlisting temporary expert staff who commit their time to the island in one or more of these key areas for one to two year intervals. We also provide opportunities for volunteering on the island anywhere from a few weeks to three months in a variety of supported project areas. In addition to this we run a study abroad program in collaboration with U.S. universities such as the University of Miami, and we fund various community partner projects as the opportunities arise—projects implemented by our partner organizations that share in fundamental community building goals, i.e. working towards improved conservation, education, and social development efforts on the island. In accordance with these goals, we work with the local Municipality and other local authorities, the local school system, international non-profits and Universities, and the National Park and other government branches—we do whatever it takes to positively influence this community, and allow this beautiful place to continue to exist for years to come!


A Little History

We’ve gone through quite an evolution since embarking on our journey in 2006. We’ve evolved from an academic conservationist dream for sustainable living in Galápagos to consisting of a mature organization with 10+ employees, running study abroad programs and teams of volunteers of varied capacities, always with the aim of sustainable and social island development at the forefront. We’re proud to have such a great team among our list of assets for the island executing our outreach work. We’ve enjoyed growing and evolving along with the community here and look forward to what next year might have in store…