Radio Program

(Nuria Ladera – Social Development Department)

The head of our social development department, Nuria Ladera, attends to the mental and emotional wellbeing of our community. IOI proudly announces that Nuria now airs on Isabela radio with her own program “Tu voz guía” (Your Guiding Voice). The forty five to sixty minute program is produced weekly and airs on Thursday at nine in the morning and is rerun again on Tuesday mornings due to popular demand.

The program is meant for heads of families and parents at large to help them deal with common family issues and difficulties related to family life and parenting. A few common topics include: normal behaviors of children at specific ages, how to set limits and rules in the home, how to effectively communicate within the family, how to avoid drug use as well as aggressive behavior, how to build self-esteem of children and how to help them with their studies and place value on education or the importance respecting a set schedule for children (eating, sleeping, etc.).

The community is encouraged to call in making the show a highly interactive forum. The show is meant to be a form of conversation for the entire community in which they can call, text or message through Facebook to ask questions, give comments, share their own experiences, etc.Furthermore, the show receives input for topics of discussion from the public.