One component of responsible conservation and social development that may not immediately come to mind when picturing a beautiful island in Galapagos, is veterinary medicine.


Through our partnership with the Biodiversity Protection Agency (BPA), volunteer veterinarians dedicate their time to treating local, domestic animals, and ensuring that they are spayed and neutered. There are no permanent veterinarians in Isabela, which substantially increases the need for interventions like these to keep the population of domestic animals under control as a means of minimizing negative impact on local flora and fauna.

Education is another key piece of this partnership. On a weekly basis, IOI and BPA staff visit local schools to teach the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Topics for this program titled, “I am a responsible pet owner,” include:

  • How, and why it is important, to keep pets on a leash (spoiler: it’s so they don’t eat the local wildlife).

  • The benefits and importance of parasite and flee treatment.

  • How to properly look after and care for your pet.

Additionally, monthly clinics are held in rotating neighborhoods combining treatment and education to directly reduce the number of domestic animals that pose a threat to local ecosystems, and supports local pet owners by providing them with the information and resources they need to properly care for their animals.

We are continuously seeking additional volunteer, veterinary support.
Contact volunteer@ngo.ioi for details!