Costa Rica is one of the most important places in the world for sea turtle nesting and hatching.

The three sea turtle species that inhabit El Jobo’s beaches are all on the endangered species list. In order to ensure that these beautiful creatures remain safe and thriving, meticulous details about their behaviors, locations, and diets are required. This information is essential for the protection of sea turtle nesting beaches, and ultimately the future of the species.

In partnership with Equipo Tora Carey (ETC), we have established a strong network of local and international volunteers who are dedicated to supporting this research.


Like IOI, ETC—whose mission is to mobilize and empower local communities […] to end the destruction of habitats and species on Costa Rica’s coast through science, education, conservation, and action—is committed to building a community of educated, environmental advocates.

As with the coral restoration project in Cuba, this collaboration with an established, local organization provides an opportunity for IOI to invest in conservation and social development through a local lens, and for volunteers like you to jump right into the heart of the work.