Galapagos National Park

Our involvement with the Galapagos National Park is continually evolving and expanding.
The  partnership has a holistic concept that is oriented around community needs on both a macro and a micro level. The approach ensures a deep, concentrated community impact as well as provide an array of opportunities for you to get involved!


The Isabela Tortoise Breeding Center is the focal point of this program. Activities and projects around the center include:

•Building New, and Improving Existing, Infrastructure: renovating a classroom for program use, maintaining, and painting the center.

•Providing Education: local schools to participate in field trips to the center, instilling stewardship for the environment in the nearly 600 K-12 children who attend school on the island; creating a junior park ranger program that promotes scientific learning while promoting a sense of ecological agency and care among young people.

•Assisting the park in the operation of the center via international volunteers

Orienting this partnership at the Tortoise Breeding Center around education and active learning will increase the center’s ecotourism draw, providing additional income to the community. Volunteers will play a critical role in this deepening partnership, and will be essential for improving the quality of the center!

Visit the Volunteer Galapagos page for additional information.

Galapagos National Park